Alfred G. Platt, Capt USAF, Ret. 1941-2016

Who had the most enemy challenged dynamic landings in USAF and Air American?

Alfred G. Platt, Capt USAF, Ret. 1941-2016

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Most of you also knew Fred as Raven 47.  Fred’s notable contributions to the Secret War are documented in many online articles and videos including:
During his service, Fred was awarded the Silver Star, three Purple Hearts, three DFC’s and 48 other decorations. Fred is survived by a brother, a sister, several nieces and nephews and many Brothers in Arms.  The Platt Family requests that you please not send flowers, that in lieu of flowers, donations should be made in Fred’s name to China Post 1.
Funeral services will be held in Houston, Texas, 18 May 2016. Further details will follow.
Donations in Memory of Fred should be mailed to:
American Legion, China Post 1
Attention: Adjutant
PO Box 299
Fate, TX 75132-0299

The sites below take you to a documentary made a few years ago when 4 Ravens returned to Laos to discuss their years there. All Ravens are fiercely patriotic and strong men. Fred will be missed greatly.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

C-5 Galaxy

Big Aircraft, big and then BIG.

The answer to: “What are your most vivid memories upon arriving at your first duty station (after training)?”
A Sailor, in 1988, at an Air Force Base in Japan answers the question.

SN Greg W said, “I arrived at Yokota AFB, Japan.  (I know, I know. Join the Navy, get stationed on an AFB).  It was mid-afternoon, and I was met by my sponsor. He took me to lunch in the terminal, which had floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the flight-line. He pointed out the window and said, “Look at that, that’s the biggest aircraft in the world”. He was pointing to a C-5 Galaxy (which in fact is a couple inches shorter than the Soviet Antonov) that was sitting on the tarmac. Since there was nothing around it, I had no frame of reference, and it didn’t look any bigger than, say, a 747. Then, a truck — I think it was one of the big Ford f-450’s or something — pulled up and parked next to one of it’s wheels. The wheel DWARFED the truck, and my young eyes widened pretty significantly as I realized the sheer mammoth size of the thing.”

South Korea: Yongsan USAG Taxi Service

In 2008, Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) contracted a new taxi service called Friendly Taxi Network Holdings Co. Ltd. Stars and Stripes stated, “AAFES fired its former taxi provider, World Cup Arirang Tourism Co., because the company’s drivers had been on strike since April 2008. World Cup drivers also went on strike in 2006.” There are approximately 125 taxis operating on USAG Yongsan.
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