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Vietnam Minority Economy

A Story of a Trade – An Environment for Hard Currencies by Lou Rothenstein When I toured through Vietnam in 2012, I noticed how much of the hardwood forests had been cut down in the Central Highlands. This was in areas commonly called triple-canopy jungle or forest. There were coffee plants in their place in some […]

By, With, and Through: Lessons from Advising Afghans

by Richard Laszok Printed with Permission As an Infantry Officer in the Marine Corps, I spent the majority of my time training with or advising partnered forces.  Through my career, I participated in Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) exercises across the Asia-Pacific region and served as an adviser in Afghanistan.  Aside from the cultural differences, the […]

Dismantling North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program Starts with Understanding Its History

Published with Permission by: Irajpanah, Katherine, “Dismantling North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program Starts with Understanding Its History”, In Homeland Security, 04 July 2018, Web, https://inhomelandsecurity.com/nuclear-weapons-program-history/ By Katherine Irajpanah Writer, Lint Center for National Security Studies, Inc., and Special Contributor, In Homeland Security  On June 12, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un of the Democratic People’s […]

North Korea’s June 25 Surprise Attack: An Important Lesson in Battle Preparation

Published with Permission by: Lint, James R., “North Korea’s June 25 Surprise Attack: An Important Lesson in Battle Preparation”, In Homeland Security, 23 June 2016, Web, https://inhomelandsecurity.com/north-koreas-june-25-surprise-attack-important-lesson-battle-preparation/ By James Lint Faculty Member, American Public University System June 25 is a day that all military planners and intelligence professionals should remember as a lesson in proper battle preparation. […]

Combined Action Platoons: A Blueprint for Counterinsurgency

by Jared Zimmerman Printed with Permission Summary Combined Action Platoons (CAPs), a Marine Corps civic action program in Vietnam aimed at pacification and counterinsurgency (COIN), experienced significant success, but has not been widely considered as a COIN option for the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are some risks associated with using CAPs as a […]

A Military Brat & 9/11

by Francis Smiley Printed with Permission Prior to September 11th, 2001 my life was as normal as your normal can be for a military kid, after that dreadful day my life would be forever changed. My family and I had moved from England to Japan in early 2001, and by September 2001 I had just turned […]

The Belfort Ruse (August-September 1918)

Published with Permission by: Lori S. Tagg, Command Historian, US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence, Fort Huachuca, AZ. “My dear General Pershing:  I hear from everywhere, and especially from the armies and civil authorities of the east, that, in their generous enthusiasm on account of the prospect of a great success over the enemy, numerous […]

Sequester and Furloughs: It’s Discount Espionage Time

Published with Permission by: Coleman, Timothy & Lint, James R., “Sequester and Furloughs: It’s Discount Espionage Time”, Homeland Security Today, 15 July 2013, Web, https://www.hstoday.us/columns/guest-commentaries/sequester-and-furloughs-it-s-discount-espionage-time/ On his deathbed in 1801, legend has it that the infamous American Continental Army Gen. Benedict Arnold, a hero of the battles of Ticonderoga and Saratoga who defected to the […]

Mogadishu: Prelude to the War on Terror

by Jonathan Deemer Published with Permission Thesis Statement The U.S. intervention in the Somalia humanitarian crisis and the Battle of Mogadishu provided valuable insight into the changing nature of warfare and exposed significant weaknesses in U.S. command structure and and inter-unit partnering which would become evident and prove valuable in the War on Terror. Background […]