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What? Oh, come on!!!!!

by Mule One of my first para-military courses after joining the CIA was a small-arms familiarization course. I was given driving directions to a clandestine training facility out from Washington and arrived late one Sunday afternoon for a week’s indoctrination to pistols from around the world. Guards at the front gate of the training facility […]

My Vietnam War

by Mule My 3rd Platoon, A Co, 1st/28th Battalion, 1st Division in December 1965 before patrol in South Vietnam. Most men in this photo would be wounded or killed by the summer of 1966. ***** “We all went to Gettysburg, the summer of ’63: Some of us came back from there And that’s all, Except […]

War Stories

Retired from the clandestine service in the early 90s, I went back to work for the CIA after 9/11. One of my first jobs had me at the end of the day in a bay area with other retired CIA case officers. Occasionally a bottle of wine was opened. Not that it was needed to […]

Hell’s Gate

Although several of the men had been wounded, PFC JV Patrick was the first man killed in my infantry platoon in Vietnam. In sending his effects home, Sergeant Bratcher and I realized that his billfold and some other personal items had been sent from the field with his body, which we assumed had ended up […]

Hammock from Hell

Bob Dunn and I towards the end of our US Army tour in Vietnam worked at Battalion Hqs. One of our jobs was to make sure that everyone got on the helicopters coming back to the base camp from jungle operations. We were always on the last helicopter out. Here’s the cast of characters in […]