Patrick M. Hughes

Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired)
President, PMH Enterprises LLC


LTG Patrick Hughes is a great leader who has served at many levels of the military, including the Army, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and at the Department of Homeland Security as the Assistant Secretary for Information Analysis (Intelligence).  This page is dedicating to highlighting his professional career and lessons learned.  Below you will find his stories, photos, biography, and some of his most recent writings.

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Lieutenant General Patrick M. Hughes retired from the United States Army on 30 September 1999 after more than 35 years of military service, beginning as an enlisted soldier and combat medic on 2 January 1962. His last active duty assignment was Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a position he held for 3 and ½ years. Other positions of responsibility included Director of Intelligence (J-2), the Joint Staff; Director of Intelligence (J-2), U.S. Central Command; Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence Agency; Commander, 501st Military Intelligence Brigade with service in the Republic of Korea; and Commander, 109th Military Intelligence Battalion, 9th Infantry Division (High Technology Test Bed), Fort Lewis, WA. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War, serving both as an infantry platoon leader with the 9th Infantry Division in the Mekong Delta and on a second tour as an intelligence program advisor in RVN Military Region III. He has served in other conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, and Southern Europe. He also served as the “plank holder” Assistant Secretary for Information & Analysis (Intelligence) at the Department of Homeland Security. Following retirement from active duty LTG Hughes ran his own private consulting firm (which he continues to operate), and was subsequently employed by L-3 Communications Corporation for 7 years, retiring from L-3 in June 2011. He has visited 127 countries, has had the benefit of extensive military education and training, including 9666 training at Fort Holabird, MD, training at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School & Center, and training in two languages (Vietnamese and Korean). He has been awarded 3 Defense Distinguished Service Medals, the Silver Star, 3 Bronze Stars for valor, the Purple Heart, the Air Medal for combat air operations, the Army Commendation Medal for valor, the Good Conduct Medal, the Combat Infantry Badge, the Parachutist Badge, 2 awards of the National Intelligence Medal, and the CIA Director’s Award. He is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame. He graduated from Montana State University (BS) and Central Michigan University (MA), and has been twice awarded honorary Doctorates. He has been married for more than 53 years to Karlene Kay (Nuber) Hughes. Pat and Karlene are Montana natives. They have two grown children.

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New Articles and Thoughts by LTG Hughes

Military Review Lt. Gen. Patrick M. Hughes, U.S. Army, Retired, published in Military Review, March – April 2016

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The Dilemmas of Terrorism Revisited Updated 4-8-16 by LTG Hughes

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What’s Around the Bend? by LTG Hughes 2015  (This is an illustrated paper.)

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