20151006_130125Yoido Skyline photo taken by Mr. Jim Watkins

Yoido Island-DLI 63

Yoido Island-DLI 63, Photo Credit to Mr. Jim Watkins


South Korea Blue House, like White House in USA. JRL and Dr. Anna on guard duty.

Floating Tower

Floating Temple on West Cost. Same area with the tides used for the Inchon Landing

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Yongsan USAG Taxi Service

In 2008, Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) contracted a new taxi service called Friendly Taxi Network Holdings Co. Ltd. Stars and Stripes stated, “AAFES fired its former taxi provider, World Cup Arirang Tourism Co., because the company’s drivers had been on strike since April 2008. World Cup drivers also went on strike in 2006.” There are approximately 125 taxis operating on USAG Yongsan.
((NOT sure where, except never where I needed them!!))

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