C-5 Galaxy

Big Aircraft, big and then BIG.

The answer to: “What are your most vivid memories upon arriving at your first duty station (after training)?”
A Sailor, in 1988, at an Air Force Base in Japan answers the question.

SN Greg W said, “I arrived at Yokota AFB, Japan.  (I know, I know. Join the Navy, get stationed on an AFB).  It was mid-afternoon, and I was met by my sponsor. He took me to lunch in the terminal, which had floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the flight-line. He pointed out the window and said, “Look at that, that’s the biggest aircraft in the world”. He was pointing to a C-5 Galaxy (which in fact is a couple inches shorter than the Soviet Antonov) that was sitting on the tarmac. Since there was nothing around it, I had no frame of reference, and it didn’t look any bigger than, say, a 747. Then, a truck — I think it was one of the big Ford f-450’s or something — pulled up and parked next to one of it’s wheels. The wheel DWARFED the truck, and my young eyes widened pretty significantly as I realized the sheer mammoth size of the thing.”